Joanna McClish

Licensed Massage Therapist/Patient Care Coordinator


Joanna has made a home within the administrative team here at Insight. Her attention to detail and knowledge of Workers Comp's rules and guidelines has made her a great resource for patients and our physicians. Her knowledge of the body and how injuries can effect a persons lifestyle lends to her position as Insight Medicine's patient care coordinator. 


Through her innate love of sports and passion to help competitors unlock their highest athletic potential, Joanna has been a nationally certified Athletic Trainer since 1998. In the year 2000, Joanna graduated from the Soma Institute with a certificate in Clinical Massage Therapy and spent more than 8 years working in an outpatient sports medicine clinic. Her knowledge of athletic training, sports medicine, clinical massage therapy and trigger point help athletes, dancers and warriors reach their peak performance.


In addition to her work in Athletic training Joanna has traveled as a massage therapist with the U.S. U-19 Women’s National soccer team, competing in the FIFA World Championship in 2004. Joanna is a year-round bike commuter and worked as a bike fit specialist for 6 years. She lives in Portland with her partner and adopted cat, Reggie; and enjoys bouldering, surfing, camping & playing the ukulele.