Thomas Stason, DO

Board Certified Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine / Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine


While attending the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine (UNECOM) then student doctor Stason fell in love with Osteopathy - True Osteopathy where Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine practice integrating hands on osteopathic treatment and the best of conventional medicine. He knew there was more to medicine than drugs and surgery. He was right!

After residency, now Doctor Stason moved to Oregon from New York City where he spent four years teaching at an Osteopathic Medical School in Harlem. That move happened because, while living in New York, he came out to Oregon for an osteopathic conference and while on the airplane about to go back to New York he started feeling homesick – as if he was leaving home. He moved here shortly thereafter and, well, the rest is history...

Here in Portland he continues to teach second thru fourth year osteopathic students, work at Insight Osteopathic Medicine as well as at Brain Rehab Medicine where he manages patients with mild Traumatic Brain Injury. His clinical interests include vision and how it relates to the rest of the body (see section under what we treat), trauma in its many forms, low back pain from scoliosis and short leg syndrome as well as the osteopathic treatment of traumatic brain injury, cranial nerve disorders, and dizziness. And if that isn’t enough, he has a developing interest in how to help patients with autism, ADHD and developmental delay disorders. And of course, one of the most special and important aspects of his job is treating newborns and young children to unwind the strains present from birth and early childhood. Please take your child to an osteopathic physician to give them best chance to grow up strain free!!